• Dit event is voorbij.

• What we’ll do
At our AWS Meetup The Hague we’ll have two interesting talks and some beer and pizza, sponsored by our friends from Sentia this time!

The first talk:
Speaker: Serkan Capkan
Title: AWS Deployment Tools – Advantages, Disdvantages and a use case story.
Description: On this session, we’ll talk about AWS Deployment tools such as CodePipeline, CodeCommit, CodeBuild, CodeDeploy. Although the motivation is to make it interactive, the plan is to walk through all this products one by one, discuss about features and at the end explain a use case we’ve implemented at a multi-account environment.

The second talk:
Speaker: Walter Heck
Title: 2FA in AWS
Description: 2FA should be the standard in this day and age, but unfortunately it’s not. We’ll walk through an overview of the AWS CLI, terraform and serverless and look at how they (don’t) support 2FA out of the box but you can still use it.

• What to bring
An appetite for learning!

• Important to know
We’ll have drinks and pizza.

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