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Do you work on a blockchain/distributed/crypto project? Join Blockbar, the blockchain cowork space in The Hague.

At Blockbar you can work on blockchain projects, develop ideas & get to know other people in the scene.

Be welcome to join at Blockbar at The Hague Tech. Every Friday, from 10am.

• What to bring

This is _your_ blockchain workspace. So bring what ever you need: knowledge/experience, your laptop, ideas, hardware to program on, et cetera. Everything to work individually and collectively on projects that involve blockchain and other distributed technologies.

• Location: The Hague Tech

Blockbar is located at *The Hague Tech*, the Tech Community in The Hague.

THT is a 5 minutes walk from Central Station. Find *Blockbar* on the 3rd Floor at your right.

• More information

– Previous meetups: https://www.meetup.com/blockbar/events/past

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