• Dit event is voorbij.

Rescheduled to 8 Feb due to the stormy weather!

• What we’ll do
February 8 we’ll organise an afternoon to start preparing the Border Labs (this is plural of ‘Border Lab’) for the upcoming Border Sessions festival 14-16 June, our fabulous tech-society festival in The Hague. Want an impression? Check 2016. or 2017.bordersessions.org

> We’ve pre-selected a number of people resulting in a list of 14 lab themes*. Check the themes below before registering for the meetup please. We can host only a limited number of extra people, so be quick!

**So what is a lab?**
A lab is a one- or two-day event where people gather around a specific theme or topic. A lab can be serie of inspiring talks, insightful debates and thoughtful discussions, *but* more often a lab is more: it produces tangible results or a project that continues beyond the festival. We are looking for ambitious, passionate people with interest, expertise, skills, or network related with the labs’ themes. We now have confirmations for the following 14 labs:
+ Bugs for Food – exploring insects and bugs as a viable food source in Western cuisine
+ Artificial Intelligence for Art/Creatives – with KABK
+ Blockchain for Good – building applications and discussing societal implications of blockchain technology
+ Energy Labs – what’s left to explore in the energy domain?
+ Zero Waste Household – Designing a really smart home (one that deals with a real problem)
+ Tech Nature – Intersecting nature and tech focused on autonomous eco-systems and embedded systems to create different interactions with nature
+ Lab Moerwijk – redesign what’s next for Moerwijk
+ Biohacking – redesigning nature, redefining humans
+ Rules of Law and Rules of Technology – with the World Justice Project
+ Food & City – how cities will feed themselves
+ GovLab – service design for the government
+ DataCommons – reclaiming your data… how?
+ Biodiversity & Tech – technology to save ecosystems
+ AI in public space – what does the tech offer for better, more social, safer public spaces?

We approach this through co-creation. We facilitate labs in different ways, basically with location and conference logistics (ticketing, potential sponsors and partners, the 10.000+ Border Sessions network), but we will also participate in the organisation of labs substantially, by providing speakers, moderators, and ideas.

Define your lab’s mission on February 8!

*Your preferred lab theme not there? No problem: contact thieme@borderlabs.org to submit your lab and we’ll let you know if it fits the overall Border Sessions mission.

• What to bring
Good ideas, two bananas, pyjamas, artificial intelligence.

• Important to know
Program will be sent by email, let us know if you come by registering for the event!

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