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We have spent a few evenings this January playing inspiring games, now it is time to go back to “work” and talk about our creative projects. We are bringing back “Introduce Your Creative Project” night. What is the project you are working on or thinking of starting? What are your goals, challenges, aspirations? We are curious to hear about your creative process and inspiration sources, your creative obstacles and how you solve them. And if you haven’t found the solutions yet, this is a perfect group to help you brainstorm on them and find inspiration and motivation to proceed. Some of our Co.inspirers have already started very successfully their projects this year and we are very proud of them. For those who have already started their projects, please bring in your current challenges, updates, anything you would like to share with the group or need help with. If you don’t have any project or don’t feel like talking about it yet, you are welcome to come to listen and join the discussion.

We are a fun community of creative minds who gather together to conspire to coinspire. Join us this Thursday for fun and inspiration.

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