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19th edition on 19th of the month and returning the Spring Cleaning that was on 19th of the month as well, well planned, huh? .. confused already? No worries, it is just an unplanned planning coincidence.

Now back to Co.inspired business. First of all my apologies for the sporadic planning lately and thank you for keeping up with it! It will improve and come back with some new exciting updates. One of which is a brand new Co.inspired session in the daylight. The first one was such a success and joy that it was decided to make it regular and have it twice a month.

As for the topic for this one, by the Co.inspirers demand we are returning the Creative Spring Cleaning for those who missed it and for those who want to polish their projects a bit more or have valuable wisdom to share. So let’s do some creative spring cleaning again to help the new beginnings and boost the healthy growth of existing projects. Bring your Napoleon plans with you, be that lists to do, outlines, ideas of a project, strategies or lack of them. We will use creative tools to tidy them up and give them a spring makeover, and most importantly, fill you up with inspiration and motivation to carry them out.

We are a local community of creative minds who gather together to conspire to coinspire. Join us this Thursday for fun and inspiration.

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