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Hello Members!

After meeting at Paviljoen Kobus some of you asked for a different location and also time/date for our meetups. So time for a change…

I looked in my own neigbourhood and found this nice place called Musicon. We can have our Meetups overhere. The only restrictions are: Not on Mondays and after 21.00 hr The Music will be louder so talking will be a problem. But hey, then it’s time for a drink! The place is for free and a nice roomy place with facilitys for giving a presentation (screen / beamer)

The place will be opened also for other guests. But the guy told me that at the beginning of the evenings (before 21.00 hr) it will be quiet. Costs for drinks (or food) you have to pay for yourself. But no other costs.

The purpose of the evening will be again to exchange ideas and set and agenda for upcoming Meetups. Unfortunately Tasso Heijnen is busy these days so he won’t be able to give his presentation. But he told me he will join us starting January 2018. Looking forward to that.

You can join our new Meetup via the website. Or leave a comment overthere.

CU next week!

Cheers Ulco

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