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Entrepreneurs with a migrant background experience some disadvantages in getting started. They have to deal with obstacles like access to finance, language barriers, cultural codes and sometimes, limited business skills.

In addition, some special rules might apply to migrant entrepreneurs resulting from their status (e.g. residence permits, employment permits etc.). More than that, the entrepreneurs might be less familiar with the bureaucratic environment and the business culture than the indigenous business owner might.

People from ethnic minority backgrounds are three times as likely to be unemployed as natives in The Netherlands. According to CBS, non-western migrants’ unemployment rate is 15.2%, compared with 5.6% for the native Dutch.

The Opportunity

Many refugees and migrants have the potential to be the next inventors and innovators, but without the right support, their skills can be wasted and they may become marginalised. Innovative and creative approaches are needed to realise their potential.

World Startup Factory wants to make sure that these obstacles are addressed and raise awareness around the mentioned aspects revolving the ethnic entrepreneurship.


14:00 Kick-Off & Introduction
14:10 Keynote Speaker – Martin Wyss from International Organization for Migration
14:30 Stories about startups and entrepreneurs with different backgrounds
15:00 Panel Discussion – How to tackle the problems the entrepreneurs face?
Martin Wyss and Alain Nkurikiye – International Organisation for Migration
Annemie Fourie – The ‘Aha’ Moment
Walter aan de Wiel – Director at Truvalu
15:40 After Drinks at the Venture Café until 17:00

The meetup is a part of the #RotterdamCapitalDays 2018 and will take place at Venture Café Rotterdam.

For more info about World Startup Factory: http://worldstartupfactory.com/

For more info about Rotterdam Capital Days: https://rotterdamcapitaldays.nl/

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