Amaze Ideation Session 1 Recap

Together with Amaze Escape, the Escape Room at the Binckhorstlaan in The Hague, we organised the Amaze Escape Ideation Session #1 on November 15.

We organised this event as part of the IoTuesday program we are organising every two weeks on Tuesdays. IoTuesdays brings together the IoT and Smart City community in The Hague. Our goal is to create a lab-style surrounding where we work together on new or existing projects, inspire and help each other and make The Hague a great place for tech-oriented makers!

Amaze Escapes has several escape rooms in the Mooov building at the Binckhorstlaan. Next year they are going to start with an interesting new project: A complete Escape bunker. The old NATO bunker underneath the building will be transformed into an Amaze Escape Experience.

Trough contacts we created during the organisation of the Maker Cafes in the previous year (a show and tell night for and by makers) we had a talk with Amaze and came to the conclusion that we should organise two nights where various Haagse makers can join and think about the possibilities for the Amaze Bunker. So we did! The first ideation evening (Amaze Ideation Session 1) was planned and organised for November 15.

The setup is very easy: We define the date and place, and every maker interested in the event can join. There is no selection, no specific prior knowledge needed and it doesn’t matter how old you are. What is required however is that you come to the session with an open mind, the willingness to collaborate and share what you know with others.

Why do we do this? With Haagse Makers we are on a mission to strengthen the infrastructure for making in the city. Strengthen the Maker Mindset with all people, strengthen the places where we can make things and strengthen the connection between different people. All in all to make it more and more easy to start make something in our city!
To do this you need to come together. The collaboration with Amaze is an excellent opportunity to connect an interesting business in our city with the different makers who live and work in this city.

Because of the secret nature of this project we can’t describe the specific outcomes of the first session. What we can say is that we had a great on-site experience with a group of about 20 makers in the Amaze Bunker. This first session was about ideation. The result of this session are the starting point for the second session, which is more about making actual prototypes. In small dynamic groups we thought about different possibilities and solutions for the Escape Experience.

There was a lot of action and interaction. Different views and good collaboration between different people with different fields of expertise.

Now it’s time for session 2 on November 22nd. In this session we start working on concrete solutions based on the first session.


Are you interested in collaborating with Haagse Makers and also organise an ideation session with local makers for your company or organisation? Get in contact! 

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