Glowsticks Pong at Lichtjesavond Delft

An open group of makers within the Maakbaar community in Delft have gotten together to build a large collaborative outdoor game based on lights. The game, Glowsticks Pong, will be officially run on just one evening on Tuesday 8 December in Delft for the Lichtjesavond (Light Evening) festival.

The game is a reboot of the computer classic Pong, which will be projected (with a “beamer”) onto the wall of the large building in Delft’s Prinsenkwartier. The entire crowd will have to work together without any central leader or authority to beat the Raspberry PI Artificial Intelligence (Computer Player).

The nature of the game mechanics is where the twist comes in. Each player will have two colours of glowsticks, tentatively these will be green and pink. The crowd camera will control the crowd’s pong bat. The crowd will gather in view of the camera and raise the colors of their individual choosing. If the camera detects a majority of pink, the crowd’s bat will rise on the playfield, if the camera sees more green, the crowd’s bat will fall on the screen. What will happen when 100s of players vote simultaneously in the playing field?

However the crowd organises itself, it will be in a decentralised manner. Order is hypothesised to emerge from the chaos. But will the crowd manifested hive mind be worthy enough to beat the Raspberry Pi AI? Come to Lichtjesavond Delft on Tuesday 8 December to join the swarm!

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A similar demonstration from 1991 can be seen here:

Play the current demo (keyboard control) here:

Get involved:
Would you like to be part of the exclusive maker’s demo preview of the game, in early December?
Or would you like to find out about how this is being made?
Or would you like to join our weekly hackathon, to help make this a great installation?

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